Pizza Making Robots – A Thing Of The Future No Longer!

When we all watched Back To The Future when it came out in the 80’s the futuristic items imagined seemed amazing! Popping that tiny pizza into the oven and having it come out full-sized? Nothing short of brilliant! Now, Zume Pizza is taking it to the next level with pizza making robots for pizza that is cheaper and more quickly made!

Business Insider reports that the pizza making robots used at Zume Pizza can make the crust for a pizza up to 5 times faster than a human. That is some serious speed right there! It looks like it’s gaining serious momentum with Zume Pizza expanding its delivery base in the Silicon Valley and even hiring from the competition (UberEats). The shocking bit

The shocking bit is that Zume Pizza was only founded in 2015! That means that, thanks to their use of artificial intelligence and robotics, in just 2 short years they’ve become a serious threat in the pizza market! Business Insider took a tour of their headquarters and was kind enough to document it so you can see for yourself!

Silicon Valley Startup Is Using Robots To Make Pizza

Since this video, the startup has expanded to robots helping make the crusts for the pizza. At least, if ever there is an I, Robot situation, we hope the robots will be friendly and pizza making!


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