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Pizza is Love


[dropcap]W[/dropcap]here do I begin? To tell the story of how selfish you’ve made me? Where do I start?

Here’s to you, pizza, my one true love.

5 things that are definitely on your mind as you eat that pizza


All kinds of melodious music seems to play. Angels on harps, puffy clouds with violins- the works. Dreamy expressions, looking above (or below) and giving thanks and not being able to come up with any words to say; yup, it’s the music in your ears (and mouth).

image pizza- 1


Lift that slice from the box and hold it mid-air to witness something heavenly. Strings of cheese, falls maybe, will cascade down to the mother ship.

image pizza- 2

3.Count your stars

The next thing you do, especially in a group, is to put your integration, differentiation and trigonometry to use and figure out how many slices you’ll reach before the others (read enemies) get to. You give the group dirty stares as each person picks up another slice of your heaven.

image pizza- 3

4.“Oops, I burnt my tongue but that’s okay”

You definitely bit into the pizza when it was hot and now the cheese is killing the insides of your mouth and there may be tiny tears (happy tears, happy tears) but it’s all okay right?

image pizza- 4

5.Best for last

This one’s only for that one, last slice of pizza that’s sitting there waiting for you. Get to that one my friend, it won’t sit there fluttering its eyelashes and waiting for you. Trust me, it tastes even better (like that were possible) than the others. Yes, you may fantasize even before you get to it.

image pizza- 5

Pizza, you slice of heaven, you.