Pizza Hut Introduces India’s First Black Pan Pizza Starting At Rs.99

Taking food innovation to the next level, Pizza Hut, one of India’s leading pizza chains today introduced the country’s first ever Black pan pizza for a limited period of eight weeks at its Gurgaon restaurants. Visually stunning and incredibly tasty, the Black pan pizzas will have a bold black coloured pan pizza base and will be topped with a flavourful spicy chipotle drizzling sauce. Pizza Hut is offering the exceptional Black pan pizzas at an attractive starting price of just Rs.99 each for a pair of personal pan pizzas, across dine-in, takeaway and delivery. All pan pizza variants on the current Pizza Hut menu will be available with a black crust option, at no extra cost. The brand plans to introduce Black pan pizzas across several other major markets later in the year.

Next Level Innovation

The awe-inspiring Black pan pizza is even more unique since it gets its colour from a secret natural ingredient being used by Pizza Hut, that is wholly different from charcoal, a common ingredient used by chefs across the world to bring out the black colour in food items. Known and loved for their superior tasting pan pizzas, the brand tested several recipes before finalizing the secret all-natural ingredient, which when added to the dough, not only gives it a beautiful black colour, but enhances the taste of the crust too. Pizza Hut has earlier been credited with introducing several other firsts in the pizza category in India such as the Stuffed crust pizza which is available in three different variants – Cheese Max, Veg Kebab and Chicken Sausage.

Talking about the launch, Mr. Prashant Gaur, Chief Brand and Customer Officer, Pizza Hut India Subcontinent said, “We stand for the love of pizzas, and when it comes to innovation, we have been the pioneers. Black pan pizza is our latest product innovation and we are quite excited about the launch. Millennials form a majority of our customer base, and they love to experiment with food that not just satisfies their palate, but also caters to their visual and creative senses. This is why we see fast-emerging trends such as rainbow lattes, colourful burgers and what not. Pizza Hut has always taken pride in serving the best, the freshest and the tastiest pizzas to all pizza lovers in the country. And with the Black pan pizza, we present to our customers a new frontier in pizza innovation.”

Black Pan Pizza

Pizza Hut is planning an extensive digital and on-ground communication campaign to create buzz around the Black pan pizza. The campaign’s core theme will be “Wicked Black” and “Dare to Try?” The brand is expecting a lot of excitement amongst customers to sample the Black pan pizza and is planning to use the insights from this launch for introducing Black pan pizza across other outlets in India, as well as future food innovations.