Pizza Hut Introduces A Brand New Way To Order Pizza With The Pie Top Sneakers

Have you ever wished that you could order pizza with the click of a button? Because now Pizza Hut is making that happen with their latest innovation – Pie Tops.

The high-top sneakers give you the power to order pizza by pressing a button on the sneakers, with the Pizza Hut logo on it. Because there are times when you’ll get hungry just while you’re sitting around or on your way to a party and suddenly you want pizza. That happens to everyone.

But the bad news is that sneakers aren’t for sale. The company has only manufactured 64 pairs of sneakers – in correlation with the NCAA basketball tournament – and each pair is made from scratch, a Pizza Hut spokesperson said.


What does it do exactly? Well, the button on your Pie Tops is connected to the Pie Tops app on your phone, so as soon as you press the button, the order goes through to submit your pizza choice. “These special-edition shoes are designed as a creative expression of how easy it now is to get a Pizza Hut Pizza,” the pizza giant said, comforting those who are sad that they can’t own or wear these new sneakers.

Check out this video Pizza Hut released, featuring NBA star Grant Hill to get a better idea of how this does actually work.