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Pizza Hut Brings Pizza Innovation To India With Its Kurkure Pizza


Every time we hear about pizza innovations like the hot dog crust pizza or Pizza Hut’s Triple Treat Box we sigh and wonder why India never gets graced with exciting pizza innovations.

However, Pizza Hut recently chased all our woes and complaints awake with the release of their Krunchy Kurkure Pizza which is topped with onions, tomatoes, jalapenos,  and – you guessed it – Kurkure sticks! 

While the Kurkure veg pizza is amazingly cheap at Rs.89, its Rs.109 for a non-veg pizza which includes chicken kheema. You could also try the meal for two, with two pizzas, 4 pieces of garlic bread and Pepsi at Rs.289. Orders have started so you can head to their website and taste crunchy, spicy Kurkure on pizza in about forty minutes! If you want a sneak peek at what you’ll get, check out their ad below.