Have Your Pizza In Bed While Wearing Domino’s New Pizza Onesie

Domino’s has found a new way to help you cuddle up with your love for pizza; a onesie featuring a pattern of cheese laden pizza slices – and the Domino’s logo, of course. 

A Pyjama Set Perfect For Pizza Loving 

Along with its fun pizza pattern, the onesie is stain proof and wipe-able, allowing you to go to town in gooey, saucy pizza. 


It also has two massive deep pockets, presumably for storing seasoning, garlic bread and maybe even a bottle of parmesan cheese. 

Get Yours?

Sadly, these fashion statements are only available in the United Kingdom – at the

Rathmines Domino’s in Dublin, Ireland as well as at other select locations. They’re available for a limited time only for €25. This money will go to Barrestown, a non-profit organisation to help children suffering from cancer. 


We know there’s nothing quite like a freshly handmade pizza and a box set on New Year’s Day so what better way to celebrate the start of 2017 than with the launch of the ultimate relaxation accessory,” Domino’s UK said in a statement. “Not only is our home uniform cosy, but it’s wipeable and comes with an extra serving of Domino’s cheeky humor on the side!”

Sounds delicious, does it not? 



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