January 10, 2017
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Pizza ATMs Are About To Become A Big Thing In The US

If you’re in India, ATMs may be the last thing you want to hear about, unless we’re talking about the cool ATMs KFC launched in Delhi. However, the US is bsy drooling over ATMs; pizza ATMs to be more precise.

Meet The Pizza ATM Machine

Created and distributed by French company Paline, the Pizza ATM was first spotted at Xavier University in  Cincinnati.

Dough and sauces for the Pizza ATM are made before hand and stored in a refrigerated compartment in the machine. When a customer ‘orders’ a pizza, the toppings are sprinkled onto the dough along with the sauce and the pizza is then baked in an oven.

Three minutes after placing the order, the pizza is churned out.

Pizza ATMs to Go Nation-wide?

Now, rumour has it that Paline is looking to expand the network of pizza ATMs across the US. According to the Paline website, “purchasing the machine gives you unlimited capabilities. Load it with your bestselling pizzas, or try different recipes.”  It also states that purchasers will get a quick return on their investment and enjoy real time tracking and reports from the machine.


Additionally, Paline runs a ” unique Pizza Chef training program is backed by the one and only Xavier University (Cincinnati, Ohio) for cooking results similar to those of artisan pizza ovens” just in case owners of the machine want to give their pizzas that added edge.


Each machine costs $55,000 and can hold ingredients to make 70 pizzas at a time. The pizzas cost $10 a piece.

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