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Pistascia Is The Artisanal Kulfi Delivery Service In Mumbai You Need This Summer  


Summer has made its unapologetic entrance and we’re sure – like us – you’re really (really) feeling the heat. To battle it, you’ll need a lot of weapons; loose cotton clothes, cool drinks and lots of cool foods – ice cream, shaved ice and kulfi.

Mumbai boasts a multitude of places to have kulfi, but most of them ask you to step out into the heat. Allow us to draw your attention to Pistascia, an artisanal kulfi delivery service.

Artisanal Kulfi, Anyone?

Pistascia was started by Usha Kesarwani who hails from Allahabad and found herself missing its food.   “She noticed that the people of Mumbai relished kulfi, but were missing out on its authentic counterpart that was only available in the northern part of the country,” says the write up about Kesarwani on Stappu. It adds “Passionate about cooking, Usha eagerly learned the method of making kulfi from her mother and also picked up a few precious tips from her mother-in-law. Eating kulfi was like a post-dinner tradition in her family. All the practice had made her a perfectionist in making the most delectable, typically North Indian kulfi that wasn’t sold anywhere in Mumbai. Eventually, tradition turned into profession and led to ‘Pistascia’.”

Flavours in the Pistascia portfolio are Badam Thandai Kulfi, Malai Kulfi, Kaju Anjeer Kulfi and Badam Gulkand Kulfi.

To make the kulfis, Pistascia uses high quality ingredients with no preservatives, additives or artificial thickening agents.

You can get yourself a taste of Pistascia’s kulfis on Stappu.