Zomburgers: These Pikachu Zombie Burgers Are Breaking The Internet

The Australian Fast Food market has been seeing many innovative culinary creations, off late – remember the hamdog? Now, with halloween around the corner, restaurant Down N’ Out in Sydney, Australia, who came up with the original Pokémon burgers that went crazy popular a few months back, are back with these terrifying zombie burgers.

The original Pokémon burgers were created in the images of three of the most popular Pokémon — Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Pikachu.


With talk of Pokémon Go’s slow demise as the once insanely popular mobile game’s users dwindle, it’s easy to doubt the return of the animated franchise, and pass it off as a dead fad. But wait, you thought wrong! 

They have returned to life, on second thought, maybe afterlife! And this time, it is in the form of terrifying zombie burgers which look like a possessed Pikachu.




These Pikachu zombie burgers are made with a beef patty inside , a “Zomburger Sauce” with green mustard, “Frankenstyle” Mac N’ Cheese, and you can even add a syringe full of what they are calling “ghost chili.”

You can get them at Down N’ Out for one week until Nov. 4, that is if you’re not completely scared off by these frightening creations.