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Pokemon Fans There’s A Pikachu McFlurry in Japan!


We’ve all seen the glorious McDonald’s Minions collection that is making us all want to buy happy meals (don’t lie, you want those toys). If you thought that was the best you were going to get from McDonald’s you would be sadly mistaken. Japan is pulling out a Pikachu McFlurry that promises to be brilliant!

From July 14th McDonald’s Japan will begin selling Pikachu-themed McFlurries on Friday, a day prior to the Japanese release of Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You.

The chocolate-and-banana-flavored Pikachu McFlurry is meant to recreate the Pokemon’s brown-and-yellow color scheme. The special McFlurry will have six possible cups, each of which shows a different one of Pikachu’s emotions or expressions. Some of the designs include the character smiling, winking and down-hearted.

While we’re not lucky enough to sample the amazing McFlurry, we can take some comfort in the fact that the Minions McFlurry is also banana and chocolate (all right, Oreo) flavoured. However, if you’re a hardcore Pikachu fan then nothing should stand in your way – after all, Japan is just a flight away.


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