This Picture Has The Internet Seriously Worried About How much Sugar Nutella Contains

Nutella just can’t seem to catch a break. A couple of weeks after the whole ‘can the palm oil in Nutella cause cancer controversy’ – read more about it here – the internet has found another reason to be horrified about the contents of the chocolate hazelnut spread.

Sugar Spells Trouble

Six days ago, a Reddit user who goes by the name Mr Flow posted a representation of what Nutella contains in a form which helps us understand the ratio of ingredients. The picture was originally created by Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg, a German consumer protection agency.

Yes, you saw right. Sugar makes up almost half of that bottle while coca and hazelnut each have less than 1/4. Of course, the sugar content in Nutella has always been what it is but seeing it represented this way is a little… jarring – do you see what we did there?

Most of the internet agrees that the representation is a little worrying. Since the photo has been posted, its gathered 1493 comments as well as numerous reports in the media and tweets:

Considering the palm oil controversy, we think Nutella may need to take some steps to fix its image soon what say you?