Pickle Lovers, Dill Pickle Beer Is Here To Get You Buzzed!

Will the pickle flavored obsession never end? We’ve already seen the chickle (ungodly to say the least) and pickle flavored soda. However, America has taken the game to the next level with Dill Pickle Beer (because nothing says America like beer and pickle combined).

The Minnesota State Fair, known for their (ahem) interesting menu offerings has debuted the Dill Pickle Beer, and it’s been a smash hit. With social media going the way it has been, it’s no surprise that pictures of the ‘innovative’ creation have been doing the rounds on Instagram.

Described as a “light, American-style ale” that’s been “dry hopped with fresh dill, horseradish, and spices,” the pickle brew is the brainchild of Minnesota’s Barley John’s Brewing Company. At the MN State Fair, each of the Dill Pickle brews is served with a garnish of havarti cheese and a mini pickle, and reviewers of the pickle beer say that it’s fantastic (of course they would, here in India, we’ll never know).