September 10, 2017
Shruti Anand (795 articles)

Pick The Sweetness Level Of Your Choice With Teavana’s Bottled Tea

Whether you’re a diabetic or calorie conscious or simply don’t prefer sugar in your tea, Teavana brings you a solution – Unsweetened Meyer Lemon Black Craft Iced Tea. Available in select stores in the US, this bottled tea might be the solution you were looking for.

Teavana has a range of bottled teas but not quite like the unsweetened one it has launched. Other than giving you the choice of moderating sugar or even adding artificial sweeteners to it, the tea packs a distinct flavour. On tasting you’ll get a citrus blast that is made up of black tea, lemon verbena, and meyer lemon. The tea is currently available for a price of $2.39 in select retail stores in New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Missouri.

Image Courtesy: Starbucks Newsroom 

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Shruti Anand

Shruti Anand


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