Pick Your Preferred Wine Pairing #POLL

Alcohol and snacks go hand in hand. And not just because no one wants to get drunk on an empty stomach, but more because certain foods tend to bring out the flavor in your drink even more. It is also crucial to note that different types of alcohol walk with different types of snacks. For example, steak and beer, smoked ham with vodka, pork ribs or a pub mix with whiskey, and so on. One such alcohol pairing that is probably the most talked about is wine.

Wine is as complex in taste as it is amazing, which is the reason why there are so many different foods that can go with it depending on the flavor, texture, weight, and structure of the wine. Right from cheese and chocolate to oysters and scallops, wine tastes excellent with a wide range of paired foods. Which of these foods are you most likely to pair with your wine? Vote and let us know!

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