Pick Out Your Favourite Bread Spread! #POLL

Toasts are awesome. Like straight up, a toast is like the instant noodle of breakfast. You know, because it’s instant. Get it? Get it? Okay, moving on. Toasts are great not just because they are quick to make but also because there is so much that you can do with a slice of toasted bread! Top it with veggies, fruit, an egg, or bread spreads. And if toasts are awesome, then bread spreads are brilliant.

Honestly, whoever came up with the idea of bread spreads was one major genius! Not only did they make the morning hustle easier but also yummier for so many of us living life in the “fast lane”. And speaking of bread spreads, lets not forget the exciting variety the breakfast aisle has to offer every time. From jams to butters to cheese, there is so much to smear on that toast! It’s like one majorly branched out joint family. So, which member of the bread spread family do you like the most? Vote below and let us know!

Feature Image: Recipes Hubs