Pick Your Favorite Milkshake Flavor! #POLL
May 27, 2018

Pick Your Favorite Milkshake Flavor! #POLL

Fruits, chocolates, and cookies are all amazing in their own unique way. And when blended into a thick and creamy beverage with milk, they become even better. Now, there is flavoured milk and then there is milkshake. Both separated by a layer of froth that only a well-made milkshake has. The beverage is awesome in more ways than one. Not only is it ultra refreshing, it can also bring all the boys to the yard. Kidding! But seriously, shakes are all kinds of awesome.


While some of us are suckers for fruit-infused shakes (especially if there are fruit chunks *drools*), there are some who like their thick shakes with a generous amount of chocolates, cookies and/or ice cream. When it comes down to milkshake flavours, there are many. But when it comes down to one’s favourite milkshake flavour, there can only be one! So, which one is it? Vote and let us know.

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