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Pick Your Favorite Mango Beverage! #POLL


It has been established that mangoes are a widely loved fruit. And rightly so. The deliciously pulpy and sweet summer fruit tastes as amazing on its own as it does with other condiments like ice cream, milk, et al. Even as a beverage, mango easily trumps all other fruits. Sorry banana crazies, we’d take a mango shake any day.

Thanks to the FMCG sector, we don’t have to wait for peak summer to sink our buds into the sweetest mango pulp. The markets are loaded with a bevy of fizzy, pulpy, and refreshing mango beverages round the year. Or as a popular brand puts it “har mausam aam”. Be it a simple mango juice, an aerated mango drink or even some typically Indian drinks like aamras and aam panna, the stores have them all! So which of these famous mango drinks is your absolute favorite? Vote and let us know!

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