Pick Your Favorite Drinking Game #POLL

It’s the season of high heels, dresses, and fancy parties. In short, it’s going to be a rocking few days till the calendar flips. Meanwhile, your liver’s going to curse you for every shooter, pint, and peg that you repeat. But after all, it’s the season to let your hair down and ask your liver to stay strong and hang in there (literally). And while you’re at it – drinking crazy amounts of poison, that is – why not add some fun and games to the mix?

Drinking games have been around for way longer than you may think. You’d be surprised to know how “jolly” our forefathers were. But that said, we must carry the legacy forward with whacked up and twisted drinking games. Which is probably why someone invented beer pong – either that or someone really had a lot of times on their hands and an idle table tennis deck. Anywho, we are not alien to the concept of drinking like alcoholic whales and then drinking some more on the pretext of “fun and games”. Speaking of, which is your favourite drinking game?