Pick A Dish At Flick A Dish To Be Floored

Standing tall by the busy roads of Lajpat Nagar’s Dayanand Colony, Flick a Dish is a cozy and relaxed place to dine at if you are craving superbly cooked home food. 

An airy auto ride or a bumpy rickshaw gallop from the Lajpat Nagar Metro Station will get you to this brightly daubed diner.DSC_0261


Entering The Diner

The place has been done up like a cute li’l living room with old pictures, coffee table books, decorations and wall hangings adorning the bright cherry walls and niches. Being more of a take away establishment, the seating space at the restaurant is limited.DSC_0254

The umpteen numbers of dishes on the menu make up for the diner’s seating space. With items like Dhansak Chicken, Stuffed Aloo Chops, Mutton Chops and Katahal Chatpati among many others, the menu is a pleasantly surprising mixed bag of regional cuisines.


The Food

Flick A Dish is a homesick person and the home food lover’s paradise.

“Our collection of dishes is purely inspired from what we eat at home and the recipes have all been traditional takes that have been handed down from generations past”, said owner Jyoti Mathur. Naani ke Aloo and Dadi ki Chai stand up to vouch for this.

“What sets us apart from other cafés and restaurants is the fact that all our recipe have been tried and tested through generations and are sure shot palatable formulas”, adds Mathur. Well, after having a spoonful of the food at this restaurant, we couldn’t agree more!


What We Had:

Chettinad Chicken

With a thick and rich gravy that boats of superb South Indian flavors – curry leaves, black mustard seeds and coconut – the Chicken Chettinad was an excellent preparation. The chicken pieces were cooked the right amount and the gravy had us licking our plates clean!DSC_0269


Urad Dal Masala Wali

A ‘Flick A Dish’ speciality, the Urad Dal Masala Wali is a creamy and perfectly spices dal. With a dreamy texture and surreal taste, this dal can easily give any Dilliwali Kaali Dal a run for its money.DSC_0271


Cheese Omelet Gravy

This dish is exactly what it sounds like – a generous and perfectly beaten omelet, sitting in thick tomato gravy with abundance of cheese. Just imagine a lasagna with oodles of cheesy tomato basil sauce, and instead of the lasagna sheets thrown in a plump omelet. Heavenly!DSC_0278


Tempura Ice Cream

A flawlessly rounded scoop of vanilla ice cream covered in a chocolate batter and deep-fried to perfection. Sigh.DSC_0284


Flick ‘a’ Dish


Dayanand Colony

Lajpat Nagar-4

New Delhi – 110024


011 26472292