Petrol Pump In Bengaluru Offers Food To Those Who Skip Breakfast

Petrol Pump In Bengaluru Offers Food To Those Who Skip Breakfast

Venkateshwara Service Station in Bengaluru has taken upon itself to serve free breakfast to those who are rushing for work and skip the most important meal of the day. The initiative was launched by Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) and considering that this habit it unhealthy plans to give away vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals to the customers stopping for fuel.

The service will be free for a month after which it will be chargeable. The proprietor of the petrol pump, Prakash Rao told Bangalore Times that in spite of the short amount of time, the busy office goers definitely stop by the pump. He said that the food can be packed in less than five minutes and handed to the customers.

“Food items will be cooked at a centralised kitchen elsewhere and stored at the petrol pump where it will be heated and served. For all the bakery products, we have tied up with ISKCON. Experienced chefs are involved in the preparation of food. For those who do not want to buy fuel, can also pack the food after they pay a prescribed amount,” said Prakash.

The losses don’t worry the team who want the concept to become popular. Plus IOC will cover them for these losses. The team also plans to extend the concept to 100 more IOC petrol pumps.