PETA Declares Dairy Products As Sexist Food

PETA Declares Dairy Products As Sexist Food

PETA is known for its unique and sometimes bizarre campaigns like the, ‘Make-Out Tour’ where an Iraq War veteran and a lingerie clad girl were to passionately make out on a bed. Why? In order to demonstrate that vegetarians are better lovers.

They’ve added another campaign to their list that calls cheese sexist. And not only cheese but all dairy sexist as they believe that cows are raped in the name of dairy products. The process of artificial insemination is like rape according to PETA.

“The cows used by the dairy industry live only five years on average before their bodies wear out from the strain of constant pregnancy, birth, and drastically increased lactation. They are slaughtered, and their flesh is typically turned into soup, ground beef, or dog and cat food because their bodies are too “spent” to be used for anything else,” says PETA.

They claim that as feminists if we work towards protecting human females, why not stop the sexism against cows too and switch to plant-based milk, vegan cheese, and dairy-free yogurt. Not everyone is happy with PETA’s campaign. “Male calves are killed more than female calves because they aren’t as economically useful since they cannot be dairy cows,” says Lawrence Killium from Meninist.


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