Perk Up, Foodies – There’s Viagara Flavoured Gelato In The World

Still feeling the beginning of the week blues? Have no fear, we have some news that will definitely make your spirits (and possibly more) rise; Italy is dishing out Viagra flavoured gelato. Which ironically, but also expectedly is blue in colour.

Scoop Up Some Gelato

The internet became tuned in to Viagra flavoured gelato when a Reddit user posted a photo of the gelato under the ‘Mildly Interesting category’.

Perk Up, Foodies - There's Viagara Flavoured Gelato In The World

We think its way more than ‘mildly interesting’. It’s not clear whether the Viagra gelato just has the same shade of blue of Viagra or whether it actually has the same effects. According to a blog – Why Go Italy – the Viagra flavoured gelato in Italy is developed using African herbs which act like an aphrodisiac, so it is possible the gelato could have the same effects as the little blue pills.

The blog also mentions that the gelato tastes like bubble gum or black liquorice.

Of course, Reddit is having a field day with the puns; one user comments “I don’t think has soft serve,” while another comments “If your gelato stays frozen for more than four hours, seek medical attention.”

Perk Up, Foodies - There's Viagara Flavoured Gelato In The World

Despite these puns, we’d still like a taste of the gelato; perhaps a trip to Italy is on the cards. What say you?