PepsiCo To Officially Launch Doritos in India

Chips lovers, rejoice! You can now get your hands on the all-time favourite American snack, Doritos. PepsiCo is all set to launch their billion dollar and one of the fastest growing snacks brand in India next week. The move to bring Doritos to the Indian market is seen as PepsiCo’s strategy to create  in-roads in the premium snacks niche market in India. 

Speaking to Economic Times, Partho Chakrabarti, PepsiCo VP for Snacks Division, said, “Bringing in Doritos is in continuation of our journey towards premiumisation. There is a definite market for such products now .” The recent launches of Lays Maxx and Tropicana juices proved that there is a place in the Indian market for high margin products and the launch of such products has received positive consumer feedback. 


Doritos is the third largest snack brand for PepsiCo, after Lays and Cheetos, and will currently be imported. Domestic production of the chips is expected to start next year. After a decade long gap, the launch of Doritos is the third major release for PepsiCo, after Lays and Kurkure.

Although PepsiCo is still on top of the snacks market in India, it has seen its beverage shares drop significantly due to the higher cost of beverages. “Growth within snacks is higher than beverages,” Charabarti said. PepsiCo’s beverage portfolio includes Pepsi, Mountain Bew, 7 Up, Nimbooz, Tropicana juices and Aquafina packaged water.