PepsiCo Is On A Mission To Add A Healthy Twist To Familiar Foods in India

PepsiCo is joining the list of companies that are refocusing their products on health and wellness and in line with that, Chairman and CEO Indra Nooyi visited a restaurant in Chennai to talk about ways in which familiar and popular food can become healthy.

Along with PepsiCo’s nutrition ambassador, Vikas Khanna, Nooyi visited a traditional South Indian restaurant where they discussed plans and ideas for PepsiCo to enter the market making traditional foods healthy, which is part of the company’s aim to expand its offering to include whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

About the experience at eating out in the city, Nooyi said, “As lifestyles continue to change, PepsiCo is on a mission to dial up the nutrition in our portfolio. Chef Vikas has provided great inspiration for the company here in India and has played a key role in developing new recipes that are convenient, affordable, delicious and healthy.”

Earlier this year, she had said that the trademark soft drink – Pepsi – accounted for only 12% of the company’s revenue since the US firm focuses on health and wellness. She also added that, “We had a great time sitting down at a local eatery and enjoying some of my favorite traditional dishes, while exchanging ideas on how we can adapt these time-honored recipes with a knowledge of nutrition informed by the latest science.”

Chef Vikas Khanna, a Michelin star chef, said that they discussed how familiar foods can retain the taste, but still be healthy. “Indra’s commitment and passion to drive its nutrition credentials at PepsiCo is stellar! It was fun to add nutritious ingredients like Oats and beetroot into familiar South Indian dishes for a special breakfast. I am glad that she enjoyed her experience and excited to know that some of these flavours will be hitting the Indian market soon through infusion of Quaker Oats and grains.”