PepsiCo Launches Mountain Dew Game Fuel In India

Hoping to cater to an increasing number of health conscious consumers, PepsiCo has launched a new beverage; Game Fuel, under its Mountain Dew brand in India. India is the second country to be selling Mountain Dew Game Fuel – it was first launched in the US.

Hydration and Health

Mountain Dew Game Fuel is a heightened version of Mountain Dew. According to the PepsiCo India Vice President of the Beverage Category, Vipul Prakash, Game Fuel contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals that will help consumers hydrate more effectively and in a healthier manner.


“We feel hydration drink, functional drinks are a big opportunity. Health and wellness is our focus, that is where the customer is moving,” he said to the PTI.

Commenting on the general popularity of Mountain Dew, Prakash added that “Mountain Dew has been one of the fastest growing beverage brands for the last 10 years in the country. Mountain Dew Game Fuel is a popular franchise globally and we are now adding it to our India portfolio.”


Game Fuel has been launched in both 600 ml bottles and 250 ml cans for Rs. 35 and Rs.25 respectively. It will be available first in North and East India and will gradually expand pan India.