PepsiCo To Launch Premium Water Brand Next Year


Global beverage manufacturer, PepsiCo has announced that it will be launching a new premium water brand early next year. Lifewtr, the new brand is a response to a growing demand for bottled water. 


“We are starting to see water play a greater role in the repertoire of a consumer’s beverage consumption,” said Brad Jakeman, president of PepsiCo’s Global Beverage Group in a statement to the press. “I think we are seeing a secular and irreversible trend toward healthier beverages.”

Electrolyte Charged Water 

According to PepsiCo’s press release, Lifewtr is pH balanced and fortified with electrolytes to enhance flavour and taste. Some are suggesting the water has been introduced to compete with Coke’s recently launched Smartwater, which has also been infused with electrolytes. 

Lifewtr is similar in name to PepsiCo’s SoBe Lifewater which is a low calorie naturally sweetened range of flavoured waters which were launched in 2008. 



To differentiate the new launch, PepsiCo will be rebranding and re-launching SoBe Lifewater next year. Lifewtr meanwhile, will feature distinctive labels designed by budding artists around the world. 

Our Lifewtr artists will turn the traditional bottle label into a unique masterpiece that speaks to the creativity — and source of creation — linked to the brand’s core,” Jakeman said. “Lifewtr is a huge priority for us and an exciting global big bet, and we’ve worked hard to make a premium bottled water experience that combines the right mix of a clean, pure taste with eye-catching packaging and an authentic connection to the consumer.”

Lifewtr is expected to be launched in February 2017.