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‘Pepsi Perfect’ Didn’t Go As Perfectly As Pepsi Planned. Here’s How They Are Making It Up


For those of us who grew up watching Back to the Future, October 21st, 2015 was an important day for us. It’s the day (which seemed so far away then) Marty and Doc, landed into the future in the second film. 

Pepsi also made a debut in the second film as Pepsi Perfect, so it was no wonder that they decided to actually release Pepsi Perfect coinciding the of Marty and Doc’s futuristic adventure. They have been hyping the release for a while now but it didn’t go as perfectly as they planned. 

The company announced that fans would be able to get their hands on a Pepsi Perfect bottle on October 21st. However, they released the bottle prematurely and didn’t leave too many instructions as to where to order the much-awaited soda. 

This left the fans quite angry and confused as they clicked their refresh button profusely only to find that the bottles had already been sold out. Obviously that didn’t go so well for the soda company giant. 

Pepsi Tweet 01

The next morning, Pepsi tweeted saying that a few bottles were left for sale that day. Within an hour or so of the tweet, the bottles quietly went live on Amazon and sold out in the first minute. Yes, people love their Pepsi perfect!

Pepsi Tweet 02
Now, Pepsi is trying to make it up by making more of these bottles. 

The beverage company announced new orders for Pepsi Perfect will be taken on Nov. 3 at 9am EST

This time they have been specific even giving a link where fans can buy bottles.

Pepsi Tweet 03
Back to the Future Fans can rejoice!