Pepsi Is Bringing Back The 1800s With A Throwback Soda

Looks like PepsiCo is not ready to let go off the invention bandwagon any soon. After Pepsi Perfect, White Cola and a number of holiday specials, the cola company is is gearing up to launch a new soda called 1893.


Number Game

Why 1893 you wonder? 1893 happens to be the year in which the predecessor of Pepsi-Cola, Brad’s Drink, was launched.

The beverage giants has also apparently filed to trademark the catch-phrase “1893 from the makers of Pepsi-Cola”.Pepsi-is-launching-a-mysterious-new-soda-called-1893-300x205


Caleb’s Kola

Keeping up with the launch spree and paying constant homage to ancestors, PepsiCo had last year launched a sugary soda name Caleb’s Kola, named after Caleb Bradham, the pharmacist who invented the formula for Pepsi in

The factor uniting these two drinks – apart from the eerie 1893 coincidence – is the fact that they both were aimed to kindle the interest of the youth and hence share au naturale ingredients. According to Pepsi Store, Brad’s Drink was made from sugar, water, caramel, lemon oil, nutmeg, and other natural additives.


1893 remains to be a mystery so far as not much is known about it. Just that PepsiCo is constantly going back to the future to influence and strike a chord with its modern-day consumers.