Pen Pineapple Apple Pen: New food? Or Tech Device? Nope, It’s a Song!

Move over Gangnam Style, there’s a pen, no wait pineapple, ughhh, there’s a new “song” in town. PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen) is the new viral sensation on the web. Even though it has the most ridiculous lyrics ever, and I mean EVER, this song will get stuck in your head, on loop.


With the yellow animal print costume, easy dance steps, and six-lyric medley, what is the meaning behind the song?

After it’s release, just as the song caught people’s interest, million of YouTuber’s, apart from making their own versions of the songs, came up with the most absurd theories about the meaning of the song, including bizarre ones such as it contains hidden messages from the illuminati, and the song being a sexual innuendo. Go figure. But really, Pen Pineapple Apple Pen, what could the hidden meaning be? A fruit salad aspiring to be a writer?

One thing is clear, the song is nothing but some crazy and weird earworm to brainwash people, and gain social media attention. And as for the meaning, we’ll have to see what other crazy theories pop up.


Now that it’s clear that the song has nothing to do with healing the world and making it a better place, the who, what, when, and most importantly, whys of this song.

Apparently, the song is simply about what Japanese Kosaka Daimaou repeatedly sang, that he has a pen, which he inserted into an apple, and then into a pineapple, thereby creating a Pen Pineapple Apple Pen.

The artist is actually named Piko Taro, a character created by Daimaou, to sport bad fashion and create “mesmerizing” tunes. Originally a comedian and DJ, Daimaou introduced Piko Taro into live stand-up performances, and his character’s growing popularity inspired him to post the PPAP  in August. Since then, he has become an online sensation, garnering over 3 million views, and inspiring hundreds of other spin-offs and lip-syncs from fans.