Pedia Sure Recalled In Wake Of ‘Foul Smell’ Complaint

Smelly Nutrition

The grown ups can’t have their energy drink, the kids can’t binge on Maggi and now the babies must double check their food too! Can we even eat anymore?
Food safety officials today directed recall of a batch of baby food ‘Pedia Sure’ on a complaint of ‘foul smell’. The direction was given following a complaint by a customer who had purchased the food product, which has an expiry year of 2016.
After it was opened, a foul smell emanated from the product, the consumer had complained.
“We have taken samples of the said product and directed recall of the batch,” an official said.
The recall of the baby food comes close on the heels of nation-wide controversy over Maggi noodles (and Knorr, and Cerelac, and KFC, and living on this planet, in general).tumblr_inline_n08q3nXwCr1rh3k1r


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