Peas Join The Onion-Tomato Procession With All-Time Price Hike

With the vegetable market minting money everyday, onion and tomatoes have been a hot topic of discussion among analysts and cooks for their excessive costs. But going by the latest hawking at the market, it turns out that peas have joined the race too.


Pea Price

“The prices of peas have soared to an all-time high of Rs 160 per kg. Until a few days back, peas were selling between Rs 90-100 per kg,” a trader told NDTV Food.

Following the price rise, traders in Punjab and Haryana have reported an apparent swell in demand for frozen peas, which are available in the market in the range of Rs 130-190/kg.peas_625x350_81447845351


Tomato Trail

While the peas are acting pricey, tomatoes aren’t far behind with a heft price tag of Rs 60/kg tacked on. Other common veggies too have been floating high on the price charts with carrots selling at over Rs 40/kg and beans going away at a whopping Rs 70/kg.

Giving a slight breather are onions (the irony) that have slid down from Rs 50 to Rs 40/kg. Potatoes also have also been going easy on the consumers’ wallets with a fall of Rs10 from Rs25 to Rs15/kg in the last few days.Tomatoes


As worry-some as the current price fluctuation may be, traders believe that the graphs will stabilize with the coming month.