Pay Tribute To Wine At India’s First Winery Resort, The Source At Sula From Sula Vineyards

Since it began in 1998, Sula Vineyards has gone from strength to strength and is now one of India’s leading wine producers and brand. In a nod to their wine-expert status, Sula Vineyards has just launched the country’s first heritage winery resort, The Source At Sula.

Soak In Wine Culture

The Source At Sula has been designed with a Tuscan theme and is housed in the building of Sula Vineyards’ first winery.

It will offer its guests facilities like a swimming pool, tennis court,,spa and restaurant as well as collection of wine tourism activities including winery tours and tasting sessions with Sula’s local wine experts.

Commenting on the launch, Monit Dhavale, the Head of Sula’s Hospitality Operations said “People from all over the world want to come stay at our vineyards which are now world famous. Our other properties Beyond by Sula with also Sky Villa are very popular and have their own charm but we could not think of a better place and experience to offer than one at the building of our very first winery.”

Similarly, Cecilia Oldne, the VP of Marketing and Sula Vineyards’ Global Brand Ambassador said “We have retained much of the Rahul Mehrotra designed winery’s original structure and added a Tuscan twist to it! You really feel a part of history spending time at The Source at Sula. It’s truly a stunning property and a must visit!”

For more information, head to The Source at Sula’s website.