Pay Tribute to Poets of the Fall with Winterchild at Hard Rock Cafe this Thursday

Live the moment at Hard Rock Cafe this Thursday as Winterchild sings a playlist full of songs by “Poets of the Fall”

Winterchild is a rock band from Bangalore formed in December 2018, comprising of a diverse group of musicians ably led by veteran bassist Noel D Gama. Their zones of interest lie across varied artists such as Pink Floyd, Sting, Steven Wilson, Metallica, etc., but what makes this particular set special is the fact that they’ll be performing a tribute to Poets of the Fall, one of the most celebrated new age bands from Finland.

They also derive influences from bands like Scorpions, Eagles, Megadeth and Porcupine Tree. Catch them live to hum your favourite POTF songs at HRC Bangalore on the 1st of August. So, get ready and set to live an evening worth witnessing at Hard Rock Cafe!

Where: Hard Rock Cafe, Bangalore

When: 1st August, 2019

Time: 9:00 pm

Cost: INR 250 entry + 500 cover Book Now