Pay Tribute to Iron Maiden ft Maiden Voyage at Hard Rock Cafe

In spite of all the music bans, and live music drama, there is no doubt that Bengaluru loves their rock music. Take a trip down memory lane, and relive the good old days at Hard Rock Cafe. Make your way down to enjoy an enthralling eve at Hard Rock Café as it promises to spice up your day paying tribute to the epic Iron Maiden giving you an unforgettable and epic experience.

The Maiden Voyage is a band based in Bengaluru consisting of highly experienced musicians from different bands who have come together to pay their tribute to their favourite heavy metal band Iron Maiden. Catch them perform the best of Iron Maiden.

Do not miss The Maiden Voyage, If you want to turn back the clock, and get the opportunity to hear Iron Maiden’s hits live!

Venue: Hard Rock Cafe, Bangalore

Time: 8.30 pm onward

Date: 28th March

Entry: INR 250+ Cover 500


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