Would You Pay $22 For One Strawberry? #POLL

Japan may be home to some of the whackiest and most innovative foodstuff, but it also houses a number of expensive edibles too, like the gold-plated sushi. Joining the elite food club of the Far East is a strawberry that can set you back by $22 (~INR 1,500). Yes, that’s just ONE strawberry, not a box. Though it does come in a box.

The fruit, although of Japanese origin, is sold in Hong Kong and goes by the name of Kotoka Strawberry Gift Box with a 168 Hong Kong Dollar price tag. “It comes nested in an off-white cardboard humidor filled with the sort of synthetic straw you’d find in an Easter basket,” Time reports. “The berry itself — flown in ‘Fresh by Air From Japan,’ according to a sticker on the box — is cradled in a little foam doughnut, presumably to prevent bruising in transit and to keep its juices from dripping into the straw.”Would You Pay  For One Strawberry? #POLL

The strawberry does look pretty neat in it’s executive class packing and the works. But is it really worth it? Would you pay that amount for one strawberry? Vote now!

And if you’re going to vote yes… adopt me o rich one!

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