Paula Deen’s new Virtual Cooking Mobile Game makes cooking easy peasy

Paula Deen is on a roll, after releasing her very own digital network and announcing an upcoming cookbook, She is now headed into the mobile world with her very own phone game: Paula Deen’s Recipe Quest.

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Challengers are faced with 40 levels of puzzles including Paula’s celebrated recipes. After you complete each level, you’ll get a new recipe card, and recipes and challenges will be added to the game every week. You’ll start as an amateur chef in your home kitchen and work your way up to cooking in Paula’s restaurant, even eventually owning your own. If only it was this easy in real life!

“I am a gamer at heart and never leave my home without my iPad. Paula Deen’s Recipe Quest is an incredible and one-of-a-kind game that will allow y’all to cook up a storm with me while solving exciting puzzles. Plus, it’s free!” said Paula Deen in a statement. As of yet, it’s available for the iOS platform only.