Patanjali Is Looking To Enter The Dairy Sector

Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurved has announced that it will be foraying into the dairy sector soon. With this, as well as the launch of several other sectors, the brand is targeting a Rs. 10,000 crore turnover by the next fiscal year.

Jumping Aboard The Dairy Train

The brand plans to set up three to four dairy projects across India and work with farmers to produce milk and other dairy based products.


Baba Ramdev has said that the company is also planning to manufacture natural manure and cattle feed without urea, commenting that urea has harmed over 150% of bovines in the country.

To carry out these plans, reports say that Baba Ramdev’s aide, Balkrishna has asked the UP secretary Alok Ranjan to allot 1000 acres of land to the company, of which 300 acres will be used for research on cows, dairy products, organic food and cattle farming.

Going Natural

Patanjali’s plans in the dairy sector represent a large attitude towards its products; its placing an emphasis on natural products which, along with dairy, include natural food, natural cosmetics, natural manure, cattle feed and natural medicines.


Currently, Patanjali manufactures a range of natural foods including biscuits and cookies, spices, candy, herbal tea, jam, pickles, noodles and dals.