Party Decoration Apps – How To Use And Download

Organizing a party can be overwhelming. Decisions have to be made regarding the theme of the party, the venue where it will be held, the decorations needed, the food to be offered, and much more. If you are not used to organizing parties, it can be frightening.

Luckily in our modern technology-driven world, there are apps available to make your task easier. Find the right apps and you could become an expert professional party-planner in no time!

For your convenience, we’ve had a look at some of the apps in the marketplace, summarized our findings, and will gladly share it with you below. 

Party Decoration Apps - How To Use And Download

Party Planning Apps Available

We found excellent apps that have been developed to assist with the planning procedure from A to Z, including decoration aspects. There are also other apps that we’ve found that have been developed specifically for theme and decoration purposes.  

Below, we listed the apps that we think could assist you with the theme and decoration aspects of your party.

Home Birthday Decoration

The first problem you would probably encounter is deciding on a theme and decorations for the party. The decision you make in this regard will, to a great extent, determine the success of the party.  

If you’re planning a birthday party the Home Birthday Decoration app is a good place to start. This app offers great theme and decoration ideas for birthday parties. In addition, it had great ideas for party favors as well. 

This app is available on Google Play. 

Pro Party Planner

The Pro Party Planner app assists with everything from importing guest lists to setting reminders. You can also video chat with your helpers from within the app. 

For the decoration side of the planning, it also has a reality module that enables you to visualize aspects like the flower placement and table arrangements. 

The app has been developed for big events, but it’s also useful for planning a very small party. It is available for $4.99 on iOS devices.

Hello Vino

When you think of party decorations, don’t forget that your wine bottles on the tables are part of it. The color of the wine, the shape of the bottles, and the labels are an integral part of your theme and decorations. 

With Hello Vino you’ll get the answers to what kind of wine to serve and exhibit which will fit in with your decor and the food. In fact, it offers custom wine pairing options. It is available for free on iOS devices.

The Party Mixer

Most parties need background or dancing music. If you DJ it with Party Mixer, you can choose the music you want to be played beforehand. This ensures that you choose music that will compliment your theme and decorations. 

Plus, with this app, you won’t have to constantly worry about what song is going to come on next during your event. In fact, you won’t have to worry about fussing with the music at all during the party. 

Just prepare your playlist correctly and the app will take care of the rest. Party Mixer is available for free on Android devices.

Disco Light LED Flashlight

The right lighting could enhance your party theme and your other decorations. Disco Light LED Flashlight has six modes, including a disco light. This app turns your phone into a graphical equalizer. 

You can set up the app to flash in time with the music. You can even flash the lights in Morse code! This app is sure to bring your party to life! It is available for free on Android.

Party Decoration Apps - How To Use And Download


There are many apps out there to help you efficiently plan and organize your party. We hope that the apps we’ve listed will make your planning easier. Good luck!