After Party With Booze In McDonald’s In Bangkok


The Thai netizens slammed the people who put up pictures on Facebook where they could be seen boozing and eating and McDonald’s. This happened at the outlet at Ratchaburi and the party people were eating fried chicken and fries and had brought along a cheap rice liquor called lao khao with them.

This incident reported by buriramtimes times brought to light the claim by the netizens that due to a nightclub in the vicinity, many people continue their partying at this McDonald’s outlet. After being slammed heavily by these netizens the person who put up these photos shut his account.

After Party With Booze In McDonald's In Bangkok

The McDonald’s outlet responded to the incident by claiming that they don’t sell any kind of alcohol and forbid bringing in booze to the restaurant. Also, the branch duty manager claims that he had asked these very people to stop drinking alcohol and in response her was scolded by them. He also claims to have called up the police but apparently no one answered.

She later managed to file a complaint. There were others who said there is no prohibition on bringing alcohol to the restaurant but that it is tacky to bring food and drinks from outside.



In-article Image: thaivisa