Parle Has Released The Launch Ad For Frooti Fizz Featuring Alia Bhatt

Following the launch of Frooti Fizz, Parle Agro has rolled out its first campaign for the drink. The campaign features Alia Bhatt and has been conceptualised by Sagmeister and Walsh.

All About Frooti Fizz

Frooti Fizz is the first extension of Frooti to enter the market which was launched 32 years ago; it introduced Appy Fizz to the market in 2005, which was India’s first fruit based fizzy drink.

Parle Has Released The Launch Ad For Frooti Fizz Featuring Alia Bhatt

The new drink will be available for Rs.15 for a 250 ml bottle, Rs.30 for a 500ml package and Rs.25 for a 250 ml can.

The Launch Campaign

Speaking on the launch campaign to Campaign India, Nadia Chauhan, joint MD and CMO, Parle Agro, said, “We have focused on building stark visual imagery around the brand. It’s worked with us in the past and we have continued with it because it has helped get top-of-mind recall.”

She added: “From the time we launched Appy Fizz and created this category of sparkling fruit drinks in 2005, we have seen that consumers want healthier alternatives, but still love something that’s got fizz. It makes them feel more refreshed and has more adult appeal. The consumers we have acquired for Appy Fizz are not traditional juice consumers. These are people who are looking at alternatives to synthetics. So, even in the case of Frooti Fizz, while we have a large consumer base for Frooti, Fizz is going to cater to a slightly more adult audience.”

Frooti Fizz will be retailed in 1.2 million outlets across the country soon.