Parle Celebrates Independence Day With #YouAreMYParleG TV Commercial

Parle Products Pvt Ltd, one of India’s leading manufacturer of biscuits and confectionery, has announced the launch of the next leg of #YouAreMyParleG campaign around Independence Day. The TVC will be an emotional digital film portraying the life of an Indian soldier and his family. It is reported that the TVC is inspired by the consumer response to the You are my Parle G television commercials (TVCs) that had aired some time back.

The TVC is created by Thought Blurb and is the first in a series of five digital films that have been inspired by the shortlisted real-life incidents shared by consumers that Parle Products received on its digital platforms when they launched the TVC in May 2018.

“Strong emotional recall”

“For the longest time, we always positioned Parle G as a staple but our consumers changed this perception,” Mayank Shah, category head, Parle Products Pvt Ltd, told the publication. “An internal consumer survey revealed that consumers believe that Parle G evokes a sense of happiness and nostalgia that is difficult to explain in words. The phenomenal response that #YouAreMyParleG TVCs received also reinstated our confidence about Parle G’s strong emotional recall. This led to the inception of #YouAreMyParleG digital films,” Shah stated.

Parle Celebrates Independence Day With #YouAreMYParleG TV Commercial

“The second leg of the campaign, which will be launched around Independence Day, recognizes the Indian armed forces for their sacrifices for the greater good. It is a humble tribute from Parle Products recognizing the importance of its loyal customers and their strong association with Parle G,” he added.

The dawn of realization

“Parle G as a brand appeals to every generation and section of our society. Yet each person perceives the brand in their own unique way,” Vinod Kunj, managing partner, Thought Blurb, said while speaking about the campaign. “Like human relationships, they are not as elementary as love, gratitude, friendship or devotion. They would be reciprocal, layered and multi-faceted in intensity. We may understand these emotions, but we are never fully conscious of them at all times. We focused on the point in a relationship where that realization dawns. This was the insight with which we initiated the communication,” Kunj said.

“In each film, you’ll see how an action, a few words or an emotion triggers our moment of clarity. The subtext of the relationship becomes clear to the protagonist and their longing or gratitude. India’s complex and unwavering connection to the brand is equated to this. When the protagonist tells someone, ‘You are my Parle G’, he speaks for India, and its relationship with the brand,” he added.

The second film of the series will release towards the end of the month while the last three films will release towards next month, according to reports.