Park Hyatt Chennai invites you to Relive the Forgotten

September at Park Hyatt Chennai will see the launch of a new restaurant- Beyond Madras at The Dining Room. Carefully being reconstructed from a nostalgic rehash of memories, the passion of dedicated Chefs and the focus of the creators, the restaurant is a tribute to all things from yester years of South India. Especially the food. 

Beyond Madras at The Dining Room is an experience. It is the experience of looking back fondly at the treasure trove of grandma’s recipes. Looking back at bygone years. At reliving family meals that used to be rife with laughter and stories. Looking back…. behind the veil of time, and beyond the concept of erstwhile Madras….. where existed a home. A home where emotions were nurtured with warm, fluffy appams and stories were teased out with wickedly spiced chutneys. The generous usage of millets…the reassurance of traditional rituals….the delicious waft of simmering stews, lovingly stirred by the hand of a doting paati. These were all memories of yester years. 

Park Hyatt Chennai invites you to Relive the Forgotten

Park Hyatt Chennai has come to represent a home. A textile merchant of Southern India rose the ranks through his sheer passion and diligence. He travelled far and wide gaining worldly savvy, and gathered some remarkable and rare collectibles along the way. He established these in his new abode – a resting place….a home. This home was the symbol and foundation of Park Hyatt Chennai.

Every corner of this home came to be reflective of one prominent family member. Antahpura Spa was the daughter’s space, The Flying Elephant, resplendent in its vibrant appeal belonged to the globe-trotting, creatively inclined, spirited son.  The Dining Room was reflective of the matriarch’s warmth and generosity-   with its cosy, homely feel. It was the mother’s domain, and also the place where the family gathered to break bread, and share their family stories.During one such bonding session over a hearty meal, the children wanted to unearth their rich heritage. The father of the family opened his treasure trove of stories. Old family albums were pulled out and many a happy moment was lovingly dusted out from the old sepia-tinted family photographs. It fell upon the mother, therefore, to dig deep into her own legacy, the one she had received from her ancestors…and the family grandmother. She pulled out the old, forgotten treasure chest and out tumbled rich, long-lost family traditions and recipes. 

Park Hyatt Chennai invites you to Relive the Forgotten

The ubiquitous millet – in 9 different forms was revered in those days. And homage to this humble grain was paid with glorified millet-based recipes from the past. Chutneys were ground afresh. Spices were dropped into hot, sizzling oil for tempering. The entire house became redolent with the aroma of another time…another place. And thus was born, Beyond Madras at The Dining Room. 

At the helm of the culinary team is Executive Sous Chef, Balaji Natarajan, who has over 10 years of varied experience in the hospitality industry, working with Hyatt for the past more than 8 years.It is with Hyatt where he tuned himself to be a culinary expert. Balaji has lovingly crafted the menu for Beyond Madras at The Dining Room with his team, having culled out long lost recipes from  the  deep  precinct  of  family  household  kitchens,  sometimes  working  alongside  family matriarchs. The menu is a fine revival of forgotten recipes, the liberal use of nine different types of millets and a liberal dose of loving care that is the key ingredient of family recipes. Finishing a meal with frothy South Indian filter coffee and then, a betel nut leaf with condiments completes the entire dining experience.

Guests are invited to come and enjoy a pleasant breeze from bygone years, and relive forgotten flavours. 

Restaurant Timing: 7pm till 11pm

Contact Details – +91 44 71771234/ 8939871119

Menu – Set Menu (Changed by Rotation)Price – INR 1350 +Taxes per person