Parag Milk Foods Launches Four New Flavoured Cheese Slices

After launching ‘Chutney Cheese’ slices earlier this year, Parag Milk Foods has stepped up its cheese game with four more cheese slice flavours. This launch is aimed at making sandwich-making more convenient.  

Getting Cheesy

The four new cheese slice flavours are piri piri, achari, schezwan and kacha aam.


These flavours have been developed keeping in mind the current taste trends and the right mix of traditional and international flavours,” the company stated in a press release. “These flavoured slices can be used as perfect ingredient for making of parathas, sandwiches, pakoras, burgers or dosas and saves the grind for a mother at home or a chef,” it added.

Mahesh Israni the Chief Marketing Officer at Parag Milk foods said that the chutney cheese variant is already accounting for 20% of Parag Milk Foods’ sales in the cheese category.


He added that flavoured cheese is still in its nascent stage, but that he foresees an increasing demand in the category.

To allow customers to sample all of the new variants, the company has launched a combo pack; Spice Up, which combines all the cheese flavours in one packet and is available for Rs.160 for 200 grams. Following this, it will introduce individual packs of each variant.