January 11, 2017
Karishma (2158 articles)

Paper Boat Steps Into The Ethnic Foods Market With Packaged Chikki

Back in November, we reported that Paper Boat was planning to foray into the packaged food market.


Paper Boat, which is loved for its unique ethnic drinks planned to focus on the ethnic foods niche.

Say Hello To Chikki

Carrying forward that plan, the Economic Times reports that Paper Boat has begun distributing packaged chikki in select markets including Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

“We typically choose niche plays that large players would not find interesting, and try to nurture and build the category,” said Neeraj Kakkar the CEO of Hector Beverages, which is the parent company for Paper Boat. He added “for the chikki in the market, we’ve been working with farmers and suppliers for over a year and half.”


Paper Boat has begun with producing peanut chikki which is one of the most popular variants of chikki.

Ultimately, the brand hopes to distribute the chikki in the same outlets it distributes its drinks across India.

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