Paper Boat Shows That Dreams Can Be Achieved With Hope

Hope, a small word to describe an enormous feeling, and a crucial part of the journey towards our dreams. As children, we are full of hopes and dreams, but somewhere along the way, we forget the necessity and importance of hope. Paper Boat India‘s film advertisement has rekindled the importance of hope in order to achieve our dreams. The film – Hope, the boat, was conceptualised and executed by Humour Me – Branded Entertainment company. You can watch the film here. 




Over a course of around four-and-a-half minutes, the film takes the viewer through a journey of hope and dream metaphorically through a paper boat. A young boy in a sailor’s hat stares wistfully at a picture showing ‘The Great Indian Cruise’. A sheet of paper blows in with the wind through an open window. Seizing the opportunity, he makes a paper boat from it, scribbles on it the words ‘My Great Cruise’ and lets it afloat in a puddle on the road. Thereafter, the film follows the paper boat’s adventurous journey.

It overcomes the rain, faces hostility, makes and loses friends, and goes with the flow before it lands up in the ocean. It gets past every obstacle with optimism. In the ocean, the paper boat sees the dream cruise ship, and the young boy sailing on it. He invites the paper boat to join the cruise, alongside several others of its kind sailing behind it. The film ends with the message, ‘Every dream is a journey. May your paper boat carry you far.’