Papa John’s Launches App: Now, Your Favourite Pizza Is Just A Click Away

The world has been evolving to a point where everything is available one click away. Yes, I’m talking about the ‘smartphone take over’. With apps for almost everything, from connecting with your loved ones to ordering a meal, and making payments. Now jumping on the app bandwagon, is Papa John’s, the much loved pizza brand. There has never been a better reason to celebrate, go ahead and start placing your orders! 


While talking about the launch, Sandeep Singh, CEO, Papa John’s India, said, “At Papa John’s, we like to stay up to speed with our customers’ lifestyle. An app is definitely a positive step in that direction. Our well-designed and robust app helps users to save time and makes the ordering process simpler.”


The launch of the app reduces the load at outlet stores, and this is great news for everyone. With the diversion of traffic to the app, the staff at outlet stored have fewer on-phone orders, which means they have more time to tend to in-store customers.

It also makes the ordering process easier for customers as you now can palce your order in just a few clicks, instead of wasting time on hold waiting for an executive to be available to take your order. Further, with hectic schedules you can now order your pizza (customised the way you like), without having to visit an outlet store!

papa john's

“We remain committed to our core values of better ingredients, better pizza. The app amongst our many steps to ensure our customers are always delighted,” Sandeep Singh said.

Talking about the public’s response to the app, he said, “The response has been phenomenal and we’re hoping to build on the app in the future, to provide a more seamless brand experience,” he added.

The Papa John’s app is available across Android and iOS platforms in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bengaluru.