Pancake Sliders At IHOP Are Now A Thing

As all IHOP lovers (and Leslie Knope) will testify, breakfast food is the best food. Now, with the introduction of the Creations menu at IHOP you can now order pancake sliders, and breakfast will never be the same again! The new menu features the Signature Pancake Sliders and the Ultimate Waffle Stack and they both sound delicious.

Pancake Sliders use silver dollar pancakes as the bread for a breakfast sandwich stuffed with a scrambled egg omelette, turkey sausage, bacon, American cheese, and a sweet maple glaze. The Waffle Stack is pretty similar, except it goes hard on the bacon. There are six slices between the Belgian waffle triangles, as well as two eggs, white cheddar, and the same sweet maple glaze.

You can head to the IHOP menu to check out the rest of the delicious breakfast items on offer. However, we’ll certainly be taking our chances on the Signature Pancake Sliders – breakfast food before all else!


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