February 20, 2018
Gita Hari (11 articles)


Here’s good news for Bandra food enthusiasts of Nom Nom!

And you can expect more variety from its overhauled menu as it now incorporates cuisines from PanAsia like Vietnamese, Japanese, Indonesian, Thai. The interiors too have been revamped with a pulsating bar that serves exotic cocktails like edible flowers in vodka-based The purple haze, Shanghai Sling for gin lovers and Lychee and dragon fruit mojito.

We soothed our drinking experience with the following:

Sushi – Rolled avocado, cucumber, cream cheese with raw mango togarashi salsa rendered a jig on the palate.

Dumplings of wok tossed blistered wild mushroom with truffle oil was a welcome variant. Spicy Tom Yum was a flavoursome broth with scented herb.

Vietnamese tender coconut and raw mango salad was a crisp platter of fresh coconut salad with Thai sweet chilli dressing.


Cottage Cheese Koh Samui consisted of diced cottage cheese and tossed with coconut and thai basil sauce, that was deliciousness hopping in the mouth!

Crispy stir fry lotus stem with a tangy sauce – delicately tossed lotus stem offered succulence to the fangs.

Main course:

We went with Coriander garlic rice which was fried rice with veggies and the spicy and coconuty Thai-styled green curry cooked with greens and exotic vegetables making for a perfect combo.


Dense Yucca swam in tres leche to tempt us beyond words.

Loved Tab Tim Grob, the traditional Thai finale with jellied water chestnut in rose syrup and sweetened coconut milk which had its way with an aspic bite.


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Gita Hari

Gita Hari

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