Pakoda Protests In Bengaluru Ahead Of PM Modi’s Rally In The City

Students in Bengaluru made for an intriguing spectacle on Sunday ahead of PM Modi’s rally in the city as they weaved in and out of traffic selling pakodas to passersby. Their ‘pakoda protest’ seemed to be in light of PM Modi’s comments about employment in January.

Tongue-in-cheek, the students dressed in convocation robes seemingly as a response to PM Modi’s recent remarks that selling pakodas is also a form of employment and can be seen in the light of ‘job creation’. In an interview to a news channel in January, PM Modi, talking about employment in the country, had said that even an individual selling pakodas at a road-side stall outside the channel’s studio earns Rs 200 a day and is ’employed’.

Bengaluru, seen as the Silicon Valley of India, creates numerous job opportunities for both Bangaloreans and IT graduates from around the country.

Gathered near Mehkri Circle, a short distance away from Palace Grounds where the BJP Rally was being held, the protesters labelled the fried dumplings ‘Modi Pakodas’, ‘Amit Shah Pakoda’ and ‘Dr Yeddy Pakodas’; poking jibes at the PM, the BJP chief and the state party chief Yeddyurappa, selling the snack to the public, which included BJP supporters and workers heading towards the PM’s rally. They were later taken into custody by the city police.




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