Pairing Sula Wines With Delectable Food At The Wine Rack On A Vino Wednesday In Mumbai

Pairing Sula Wines With Delectable Food At The Wine Rack On A Vino Wednesday In Mumbai

Sula Vineyards does not need any introduction as it has not only been making wine over the years but has developed a zest for the age old beverage on the Indian palette. So pairing the gorgeous wines from their vineyard with food curated by none other than Sarah Todd, we were intrigued when they announced their Vino Wednesday at The Wine Rack Mumbai. What better place, right?

Wine Tasting With Kerry Damskey

To take us through the pairing, Kerry Damskey, Director of Winemaking at Sula Vineyards was present at the dinner. We began with Brut Tropicale, essentially a sparkling wine in which Pinot Noir dominates whereas the complexity comes from chenin and chardonnay. This welcome drink was perfect for setting the tone for the evening, indulging in conversations and breaking the ice.

As Damskey took us through the flavours of brut tropicale, we were served with a lovely Grilled Fig Salad with crumbled feta, rocket and walnuts. We loved the burst of flavours that came in with the toasted walnuts, balsamic reduction, fresh figs and cherry tomatoes. The vibrant salad was paired with a lovely Sauvignon Blanc which is one of the most awarded wines of Sula. With flavours of tropical fruits and the dry, zesty after-taste it went well with the mild flavours of the salad.

For our appetizers we were served with sumptuous Goat Cheese Churros with parmesan truffle cream and chilli jam along with Chargrilled Chicken with Olive Salsa Verde. Both dishes were exquisite, full of flavours and hit all the right spots with their umami effect on the taste buds. These were paired with a luscious Chenin Blanc Reserve which seemed lighter on the palette as compared to the sauvignon blanc; thus enhancing the flavours of the food, humbly complimenting the dishes with its notes of honey and melon.

The mains were served after a while so that we had a chance to cleanse our palette and get ready for a sumptuous meal ahead. A full bodied red, Rasa Shiraz – Vintage 2016 was served to us and the flavours of being aged in an oak barrel were quite distinct. The complex flavours of the wine, aged with care and precision went quite well with The Wine Rack’s delicious Chicken Parmigiana with sundried tomato and scamorza, creamy mash, cherry tomato ragout. The ragout cut out any amount of heaviness that came with the chicken and mash making it a satiating meal. The fresh scamorza and a light salad on the side enhanced the flavours of the dish.

Satisfied with the meal and lush wines of Sula, we left just a tiny room for the dessert which was a drool-worthy Berry and Mango Pannacotta with chocolate and nut soil. Mopped clean in no time with a sweet late harvest Chenin Blanc paired with it, the pannacotta was sheer delight.

We had a great time with the wine pairings, the constant guidance of Kerry Damskey about the wines, their notes and flavours along with the mind blowing food by The Wine Rack. Cheers to the Vino Wednesday evening organised by Sula and the luscious wines of the Nashik vineyard!

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